Trying to pick an outfit for my first day of work… 😲

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O M G!
dogcatcher72 damnwhiteboys


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Learn it.

Know it.

Live it.


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i fucking want one.

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I think I already found my Halloween costume… 😄

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Fuck these are all so funny! I gotta read them again!

Damn…actually lol

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u ok

moon emoji

this is better than the moon emoji

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He will tell you how beautiful you are, and how he loves the way your lips just beg to be kissed when you aren’t even wearing lipstick. He will remember the story of your childhood you told him at 3AM months ago. He will make promises, and never break them. He will text you back in the middle of the night, because he’s home, and not out getting drunk. He will sacrifice his happiness for yours, and he will treat you how you finally deserve to be treated.

But you won’t accept it, you will continue to question his honesty, you will wonder why it took him an hour longer to reply, you will never expect the good out of a promise. You have been so use to receiving one word responses, and pointless phone conversation, so you don’t really know how to take this. When you two go out, you watch his eyes, not only because they are beautiful, but to make sure they don’t wander to the girl’s walking around.

You will be so fucked up by the past you won’t even be able to enjoy the present, so I’m telling you, don’t let it mess with your happiness. Don’t let the jerk that broke your heart break it again without even being in your life. Because when this guy tells you he loves you, he means it, because every beat in his heart says your name, every breath he breathes, he’s soaking you in. He just wants you, and you want him too. So don’t fuck it up, please don’t.

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Perks of dating me: I’ll let you sleep on my boobs